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The size of fine aggregates is defined as 4.75mm or smaller. That is, aggregates which can be passed through a number 4 sieve, with a mesh size of 4.75mm. Fine aggregates include things such as sand, silt and clay.

Proportional Caliper Device

Product Code : EL-ACD-10597

Use to determine the percentage of flat particles, elongated particles, or both flat and elongated particles in coarse aggregates.

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Elongation Index for Aggregate Classification

Product Code : EL-ACD-10598

For determining elongation index. Particle is elongated when its length (longest dimension) is more than 1.8 of the mid-size of the sieve fraction.

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Void Content Apparatus, Fine Aggregates

Product Code : EL-ACD-10599

Used to determine the uncompacted void content of a fine aggregate sample. Indicates the angularity, sphericality, and workability of fine aggregate in a mixture

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Void Content Apparatus, Coarse Aggregates

Product Code : EL-ACD-10600

Used to determine the void content of uncompacted coarse aggregate used in HMA applications.

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Flakiness Gauge for Classification of Aggregate

Product Code : EL-ACD-10601

For determining flakiness index. Particle is flaky when its thickness (smallest dimension) is less than 0.6 of the mid-size of the sieve fraction.

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Flakiness Sieves Set

Product Code : EL-ACD-10602

Complete set of flakiness sieves. These sieves are used to determine if aggregate is flaky.

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Sand Grading Chart

Product Code : EL-ACD-10603

Pocket-sized chart, assists the field geologist to quickly and accurately identify grain size and shape, grain sorting, roundness, and sphericity of a sample.

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